Artist Statement

Gretchen Durst Jacobs

My work has always stemmed from a deep reverence and connection with the natural world. Recently, my work has turned inward, tapping into a well-stocked memory bank and a specific knowledge of landscapes and effects of the natural world. By turning inward, a direct correlation occurs between my intuition/my center and from experiencing the natural world as my muse. I can then engage in a visual dialogue from a felt sense, working with an image until it feels right.

I am fascinated with the cycle of nature and it’s relationship to human kind - how integrated and interdependent we are. As my understanding of myself shifts over time, my work hopefully grows and expands with it. Through the process of painting or printmaking I am able to explore my own patterns and attain a more complete sense of myself. What sort of shape or place my presence might have through the work, and perhaps, what kind of mark, imprint or impact is left behind. I find that the natural world can mirror and/or reflect my life; enlightening the present, holding clues to the future and honoring the past. As other’s have shaped and influenced my life the progression continues, however significant, either small or large doesn’t matter.